St. Mary’s’ Indian Orthodox Church Kings Lynn is a part of the Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church, which has the great heritage and tradition based on the Holy Bible and the Church Fathers. The Church was founded in India in 52 A.D, by St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. The Orthodox Church of India has its own hierarchical head. His Holiness Baselius Marthoma Paulose II is the ruling head of the church. His Holiness is also known as the Catholicos, which name equal to the Patriarch and the Roman Pope. The word Catholicos means “the Universal Father”. His Holiness is also known as the “Malankara Metropolitan”, which shows the temporal authority over the church and its property. Malankara is the other name used for the word Malabar, which was once used for all the Malayalam speaking territory of Kerala. The Church has dioceses in India  and abroad.

The St. Mary’s’ Orthodox Church Kings Lynn is now under the direct ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Diocese of UK-Europe and Africa subject to the authority of the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Indian Orthodox Church. The powers vested in the office of the Diocesan Bishop who is duly elected and appointed by the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Church. All the spiritual organizations work in its real spirit with enthusiasm and established aim and target. We are constantly connected with the main stream of the Church and the diocese and in cooperation with the Orthodox sister parishes in U.K and in a decent and divine friendship with all the other denominations.

The general day-to-day administration of the Parish is to be conducted under the general supervision of the Vicar/President, by the General Body, the Managing Committee, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Kings Lynn St. Mary`s Congregation has been established on 6 September 2009 and we are celebrating the Holy mass every first Saturday of the month at 11am to 3pm.

Aim of the Parish

  1. A) The object of the Parish/Society shall be to promote the Orthodox Christian faith.
  2. B) To maintain places of regular common worship and prayer, and for instruction in the faith of the church, in its tradition, history, in accordance with the Apostolic and ancient traditions of the Indian Orthodox Church and subject to the authority of the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Malankara Orthodox church
  3. C) To provide for religious education and cultural activates of special group like women, youth and children.
  4. D) To promote and carry out service activities and charity for the benefit of the wider community and society.